web_lowres-300x196ART|JOG is an unique contemporary art fair. In contrast to other art fairs, ART|JOG directly exhibiting Indonesian contemporary art works, starting from the work of talented young artists to Indonesian’s top artists. Held in Yogyakarta, one of the heritage cities in Indonesia with a distinctive character: a combination of the atmosphere is thick Javanese cultural traditions and contemporary life movement is dynamic and open. Yogyakarta is also known as kitchen production of contemporary art in Southeast Asia. As an art fair held annually, ART|JOG well as a sort of artistic outlet to see the trend of recent works of contemporary art in Indonesia. Read more >>

Young Artist AwardYAAContinously innovating, ART | JOG | 13 proudly presents the Young Artist Award Program for the best emerging artists partaking the event, with a maximum age of 33 years. This award will be selected by Aminudin TH Siregar, Farah Wardani and Hendro Wiyanto. Read more >>
Commision Worksinvitation-13One of the specialization of of ART|JOG is the commissioned work—conjure the façade of Taman Budaya Yogyakarta as the location of the exhibition with surprising art works. Read more >>
Special Presentationinvitation-13_1Through Special Presentation Program, ART | JOG tried presenting the work of international artists that usually can only be seen through a variety of media information. Read more >>